GR573 : “Vesdre et Hautes Fagnes”

My stepson was asking for a hike for quite some time now and finally the time had came. It was spring holiday and the weather forecast was bad, very bad... I am talking wind and rain, the whole week. Nevertheless, spirits were high ! We were craving for the adventure... We kissed our wife/mom goodbye... Continue Reading →

GR57 : Liège-Sy

All geared up with my Snugpak Endurance on the back we jump off the train in Liège. It is Friday afternoon, most people are still working. We are about to tackle the GR57 trail from it's debut to the trainstation in Sy. It is noisy in Liège, the capital city of the same named province.... Continue Reading →

(n)ever changing basic kit

As most of us hikers and wild-campers know, it is important to have a basic kit. A Basic kit is a collection of gear you take with you on every hiking or camping trip, no matter what the duration or weather is. It's a collection that does not change very often, your core equipment. You develop this kit by experience. There are a... Continue Reading →

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